Mastodon Submissions - Fantômes


The deadline to submit work is July 31st 2022

Submissions are currently open for the second edition, I'm looking for prose (fiction and non-fiction), poetry, illustrations and photographs (in black and white only) exploring themes of ghosts, hauntings, hauntology, psychogeography, transformation, occultism, spooky folklore.

The pieces can be more serious, introspective or research-based, or be more playful (I love depictions and stories of ghosts in the style of old fantasy litterature and artwork). Written pieces should be 4 pages or less in length (font size and layout makes a difference, if it's close to it I'll make it work).

If you have an idea for something that falls outside this list of mediums (say a small game about talking with the dead) feel free to reach out and propose it, I want this little zine to stay flexible and experimental in form and content.

My goal with this zine is not to make money, for the first edition I've basically broke even and was able to send all artists a free copy. If I accept your piece I'll add you to a mailling list with all the other artists where I send updates on the process and the release date when I'm getting close to finishing the issue.

When submitting a written piece you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name or pseudodym
  • Link to website or social media
  • Page format desired (see options below)
  • Paper color desired (see options below)
  • Text file
Note: All text will be reviewed by a professional editior before printing, the edited version of your text will be sent to you for approval before going to press.

When submitting a visual piece you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name or pseudodym
  • Link to website or social media
  • Page format preffered (small spread, large single page, etc.)
  • Paper color preffered
  • Image file in JPG or PNG (min 300 dpi)
  • Accompanying text for visual works (optional, max 200 words)
Note: Your photos and illustrations will be turned black and white if you send then in color, additionally I might apply a treshold filter on the image to increase contrast and integrate it better in the whole zine.

Send your submission to fantomeszine @ gmail (dot) com


The first edition will be printed in black only on a variety of paper colors in two sizes (like a small zine inside a bigger zine). Those will be saddled stitched together with some additional loose inserts.

Preview of the zine with pages of different sizes

Paper dimensions

Size Width Height
Small single page (A6) 4” 5.5”
Small spread 8” 5.5”
Large single page (A5) 5.5” 8.25”
Large spread 11” 8.25”

Paper colors